Why Littl' Juey?
Made to fit all curved and straight shaft line trimmers and brushcutters. Stress free loading, reloads in seconds, no winding and no jamming.

Littl' Juey: a range cultivated for stress free line trimming and brush cutting.

Littl' Juey is an innovative brand of easy to use and efficient line trimming products engineered to take the hassle out of line trimming and brush cutting. Littl' Juey is an entirely new range of high performance and durable grass cutting products developed specifically for easy and safe use and quick reloading of tangle free cutting line. No springs, no clips and no catches. The key benefits of the system include the patented Littl' Juey Cutting Technology and the clip on Line Reload system.

An innovative idea

Frustrated with the often time-consuming task of having to rewind the nylon wire to standard spools on his line trimmer, Frank Walker came up with the idea to use strips of nylon wire rather than the conventional wind-on spools.

In 2003 Frank commissioned local engineering experts Gaminco to produce the first Littl' Juey prototype head. The design worked and it still forms the basis of the Littl' Juey cutting technology. With the success of the early prototypes Frank went into business to manufacture and market the product.

The first Littl' Juey heads were machined from aluminum and were designed for use on straight-shaft machines only. But the demand for a head that fitted bent-shaft machines became so great a universal adapter was designed to meet this demand.

Littl' Juey was launched at the New Zealand Field Days in 2003 where it won the new equipment innovation award.

To reduce production costs and the retail price of the Littl' Juey heads, the next step was to replace the aluminum construction with high-grade polymer. With demand for longer-life nylon line growing, production of Littl' Juey Reloads followed.

Since the initial prototype the Littl' Juey cutting head design has been modified to fit 99% of all brush cutters and line trimmers, regardless of brand. All parts are supplied and no tools are required for attaching the Littl' Juey head

See how Littl' Juey makes your job easier

Your high performance Littl' Juey line trimmer head consists of two parts that assemble together within seconds to contain pre-cut strips of cutting line. The parts fasten together on a large thread which enables the top part of the head to be easily adjusted 90 degrees for insertion of new reloads; rotation of the trimmer head tightens the strips of line within the assembly during use. The Littl' Juey line trimmer head has been designed to accommodate two strips (one strips per slot) which equates to four 125mm cutting blades as opposed to the standard two in traditional machines. This simple method of line reloading means that Littl' Juey is more effective for heavy duty use.

Love our product or get your money back

We give a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee on all products sold by us. If you are not completely happy with the product or service, simply return your purchase to the place of purchase in original packaging, together with proof of purchase receipt and we will replace it. In addition, the manufacturer warrants the product against defects for a full twelve months.

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How many Littl' Juey Reload Clips do I need? What’s the best option for me and my lawn? We have the answers to get you 
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Made to fit all curved and straight shaft line trimmers and brushcutters

Stress Free Loading

No more manual loading or tapping the ground every five minutes

No Winding OR Jamming

No rewinding tangled nylon line onto standard cutting spools