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Tips & Tricks

What is the correct way to use Littl’ Juey?
Only use the tips of your Littl' Juey nylon reloads to cut grass, avoid pushing the Littl' Juey into the ground.

What is the best way for cutting around concrete edges, fences or wire?
Double up your Combat2.4 reloads, 2 strips through the same way.

How can I get the most use out of my Reloads?
Keep Littl' Juey reloads moist by adding water into the tubes, this will avoid them becoming brittle, and store them in a cool place.

What should I avoid while using my littl’ juey?
Avoid over reving your machine when cutting grass edges

Take proper saftey precautions
Always use saftey equipment when using your machine

Line Trimmer Heads

Do Littl' Juey Bent Shaft Line Trimmer Heads fit all bent shaft machines?
They fit 99% of all petrol bent trimmers and most top end mounted (motor at the top of the machine) electric machines.

I have purchased the wrong head for my machine, what do I do?
You can return the item for exchange to the place you purchased it along with your receipt. A replacement head will then be exchanged for the head you need for your machine.

What is the difference between a Bent Shaft and Straight Shaft?
A Bent Shaft line trimmer, by name sake, has a bent tubular shaft which connects the handle and or top mounted motor with the base and cutting head. The cutting rotation of Bent Shaft machines is clockwise (right-handed thread), while Straight shafts are generally anticlockwise(left-handed thread). Because Littl' Juey uses a simple thread design to attach to all line trimmers, it is important that you know what type of machine you have so you can select the appropriate type of head.

Are there any machines that are unusual?
Yes, some of the Stihl bent shafts are different. The FS 51,52,56 & 57 need a straight shaft head. The FS36 needs to be modified by us to accommodate the thicker shaft and larger hex nut. If you have one of these simply specify the model number at time of purchase. If you have already purchased the normal bent shaft head simply contact us and we will arrange for you to return it to us and we will send you the correct one.

Do Littl' Juey Straight Shaft Line Trimmer Heads fit all straight shaft machines?
Littl' Juey Straight Shaft heads fit 99% of all petrol straight shaft machines. There are are two Littl' Juey heads which fit straight shaft machines.  The Littl' Juey Straight Shaft Head and the Littl' Juey PRO Aluminium Head

How do you fit a Littl' Juey Straight Shaft head to a straight shaft machine?
If your straight shaft machine is blade capable then you fit the Littl' Juey head onto the machine the same way you fit a blade onto your machine by removing all of the adapters which hold your spool on. Please also see the assembly page on this website for further downloadable fitment sequence diagrams. Please note most straight shaft machines have a left handed thread.

How do you fit a Littl' Juey Bent Shaft head to a bent shaft machine?
You need to remove your entire existing spool from your machine to be able to fit the Littl' Juey Bent Shaft Head. Please see the Assembly page on this website for further downloadable fitment sequence diagrams. Please note most bent shaft machines have a right handed thread.

Reloads & Clips

Will my line trimmer be too small to run two cords at the same time?
Some line trimmers are able to run up to 4 cords [8 cutting lines] at the one time. The MAJORITY of trimmers have no problems what so ever running 2 cords [4 cutting lines] at the same time, but please refer to the recommended line usage instructions supplied with your product for more details. Depending on the areas you are cutting should dictate the amount of cord you use. We recommend using 2 x 2.4mm cord through the one hole of the Littl' Juey head when cutting around concrete edges

What am I doing wrong if the nylon cord breaks after 5 minutes of use?
Try using 2 x 2.4mm nylon strips through the one hole of the Littl Juey head. These nylon strips are flexible and by putting the two strips through the one hole you also get more durability. Also always ensure you cut from the top down as pushing the Littl' Juey head into the bottom of the long grass will put unnecessary pressure on the nylon strips.

How should I be storing Littl' Juey Reload?
We recommend storing your tubes of Littl' Juey Reloads in a cool dark place and also adding some water to the tube to keep your nylons moist

How many Littl' Juey Reload Clips do I need?
You will need 2 x reload clips to secure 1 tube of Littl' Juey nylon cord to your machine, keeping your nylon cord on hand at all times to ensure quick and easy reloading.  They are sold in pairs on this website.


Do I have a Guarantee on the product I purchase from you?
We give a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee on all products sold by us.

If you are not completely happy with the product or service, simply return your purchase to the place of purchase in original packaging, together with proof of purchase receipt and we will replace it. In addition, the manufacturer warrants the product against defects for a full twelve months.

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